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James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale

Arguably the best looking of the James Squire craft beer range, the Chancer Golden Ale was launched in 2004. Noted for its distinctive orange-golden colour, unique tropical fruit aroma, restrained bitterness and dry finish, the Chancer has established itself as a firm favourite with our customers.

Although the name conjures up everything that was so appealing about James Squire – his willingness to take a risk and roguish charm – there’s nothing chancy about this English-style summer ale. A bit like Coopers Sparkling Ale in taste, the Chancer is noted for its tropical fruit flavour and high drinkability.

So what should you drink it with? Well, we’re tempted to say ‘anything’ (and you really could), but for the perfect match, try pairing it with delicate seafood such as fresh cold prawns, crab cakes, whitebait fritters or salt and pepper squid.

Alternatively, the Chancer is equally ideal for washing down a delicious chicken or Caesar salad, nachos, laksa, a margarita pizza and/or a cheese like buffalo mozzarella or cheddar.